Jasna Kraljik, RNDr.


KRALJIK, Jasna - PAZIEWSKA-HARRIS, Anna – MIKLISOVÁ, Dana - BLAŇAROVÁ, Lucia - MOŠANSKÝ, Ladislav - BONA, Martin - STANKO, Michal. Genetic diversity of Bartonella genotypes found in the striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) in Central Europe. In PARASITOLOGY, 2016, in press 

ŠPITALSKÁ, Eva - STANKO, Michal - MOŠANSKÝ, Ladislav - KRALJIK, Jasna - MIKLISOVÁ, Dana - MAHRÍKOVÁ, Lenka - BONA, Martin - KAZIMÍROVÁ, Mária. Seasonal analysis of Rickettsia species in ticks in an agricultural site of Slovakia. In EXPERIMENTAL AND APPLIED ACAROLOGY,2016, vol. 68, p. 315-324. (IF 2014-1.622)

 BLAŇAROVÁ, Lucia - STANKO, Michal - MIKLISOVÁ, Dana - VÍCHOVÁ, Bronislava - MOŠANSKÝ, Ladislav - KRALJIK, Jasna - BONA, Martin - DERDÁKOVÁ, Markéta. Presence of Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis and Babesia microti in rodents and two tick species (Ixodes ricinus and Ixodes trianguliceps) in Slovakia. In TICKS AND TICK-BORNE DISEASES, 2016, vol.7, no.2, p.319-326. (IF 2014- 2.718)