A manuscript (MS) should be withdrawn only if the authors detect significant errors or flaws. In case of detected plagiarism and multiple submissions the MS is withdrawn by the Editorial Office. After the MS is accepted for publication, the withdrawal is not permitted. However, if the review process takes more than six months the authors are allowed to withdraw MS without paying any charges.

It is unacceptable to withdraw submitted manuscripts from one journal if accepted by another journal. The authors should bear in their minds that peer reviewers do this honorary service in our case free of charge. Wasting reviewer´s valuable time is unethical abuse of the entire editorial decision making process.

As soon as the MS is in an advanced stage, i.e. the peer review process has been completed, reviewers comments along request for revision sent to the corresponding author or MS is in the production stage (Ahead of Print) following procedure is strictly enforced. The editorial office will provide the corresponding author with the Article Withdrawal Form. After that a signed form with clear explanation for the withdrawal must be submitted to the editorial office.

Unless there are compelling and unavoidable reasons, any such withdrawal is allowed and completed only after the one time penalty fee of 30 Euros has been fully paid to the editorial office. This amount compensates the cost of Editorial Manager system usage.

Authors must not assume that their manuscript has been withdrawn, until they have received appropriate notification from the editorial office. Confirmation of withdrawal from the journal editor is required for the withdrawal process to be considered complete. Once the withdrawal is confirmed, the manuscript ID will no longer be used by the journal’s electronic submission system.