Miroslava Fecková (maiden Škutová), MVDr.

  VEGA projects - Projects funded by the Scientific Grant Agency of Ministry of Education SR and Slovak Academy of Sciences 
Project Title: Newly emerging parasitic and vector - borne diseases in dogs, their epidemiology and diagnostic (Novo sa objavujúce závažné parazitárne a vektormi prenášané ochorenia psov, ich epidemiológia a diagnostika)
Grant Scheme: VEGA  2/0018/16
Duration: 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2019
Project Position/Role: Investigator
  APVV projects - Projects funded by the Slovak Research and Development Agency
Name of project: Standardisation of new approaches in diagnostics of serious helminth diseases of men and their application into practice in actual epidemiological and sociological situation of Slovakia.
Grant scheme: APVV-15-0114
Years of realization: 2016 – 2020
Project Position/Role: Investigator