• Laboratory of Anthelmintic Resistance in Parasite of Domestic Animals

The research of the Laboratory is directed towards taking an interdisciplinary approach to generate effective therapy for parasitic diseases in domestic and wildlife animals. This involves an improving our understanding of a variety of parasitic diseases along with the different aspects of anthelmintic resistance and the way in which resistance develops. The main goal of this research is to provide improved means of diagnosis and develop effective management strategies that can be used to conserve the efficacy of our current anthelmintic families.


  • Laboratory of Molecular and Experimental Pharmacology

The research orientation of laboratory covers under-standing of molecular basis of host-parasite relationship with the focus on infections caused by larval stages of cestodes and nematodes. With the aim of improving the current therapy of these diseases in animals and humans, we study, in the experimental settings, the alternative approaches based on combined therapy with drug and natural compounds. The rationale for this is to potentiate the efficacy of anthelmintic drugs and to alleviate their side effects in host´s as well as to reduce immunosuppression and pathological consequences of infections. The in vitro parasitic cestode model systems are employed in the search of novel compounds with antiparasitic or anti-inflammatory activities for therapeutical purposes.